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Designed for those students without any knowledge of English, this course's objective is to provide and strengthen the basic concepts and vocabulary, which in turn serve as an introduction to the courses which follow in our Comprehensive English Program. Upon completion of this course, students know the alphabet, the basic vocabulary of their immediate environment, and can understand and use basic sentences, names, nationalities, and short greetings.
This course aims to lay the groundwork of the new language through the development of the four basic abilities: oral comprehension (Listening), oral expression (Speaking), written comprehension (Reading) and written production (Writing). Upon completion of this level, our students are able to express simple ideas, understand basic sentences, give information, describe their immediate surroundings, and speak about their tastes and hobbies. At the same time, they are able to spell correctly and fill out simple forms.
This course aims to strengthen and add to the previously acquired knowledge. Through acquisition and reinforcement of the grammatical structures suited for the type of message the learner wishes to send, the students will be able to apply their new knowledge to functional areas, always by means of developing the four basic abilities: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. In this way, upon completion of this level, students can: understand everyday vocabulary, understand and ask about general opinions, ask questions over the telephone, make comments about photographs, pictures, and artwork, tell a story in the past, write memos and short e-mails, offer and request food and drink, present conditions, and actively participate in debate and discussion related to their line of work.
This course is oriented towards improving fluency and increasing vocabulary, as well as towards acquiring the linguistic structures that permit the students to express themselves with greater precision in the four basic abilities: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Upon completion of this level, students can: understand a conversation between two native-speakers, understand the main points in meetings and general conversations, obtain detailed information regarding specific and general themes, participate in informal meetings, write spontaneously with few errors, present personal opinions without difficulty.
The purpose of this course is the continued acquisition and strengthening of the complex structures necessary for expressing oneself precisely and fluently in the four basic abilities, Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. In particular, an emphasis is placed on the combination of verb tenses, so that the student can apply them in the complex situations that require an advanced management of the language. Upon the completion of this course, students can express hypotheses in the past (the 3rd conditional), report ideas, watch and understand TV programs and movies, obtain information from any source without difficulty, give high-quality presentations at meetings, and speak uninhibited about whichever theme in general.

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