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World Communications is above all concerned with the specific needs and interests of each member of our great student community. For this reason, our methodological foundation is based on the communicative approach, with which the student USES the new language from the very beginning —not only learns the rules— and incorporates themes and materials from their areas of interest.

To achieve successful entrepreneurial activity in the new language, the following skills are cultivated:
Oral production: speaking
Listening comprehension: listening
Reading comprehension: reading
Written production: writing
Which, when developed, allow you to:
Have at your command the vocabulary used in your field.
Develop communication strategies.
Business interaction (travel, meetings, presentations).
Comprehension and discussion of current event.
By means of an active participatory environment, we develop and instill intellectual skills transferring from language 1 (mother tongue) to language 2 (target language). See Bloom's Taxonomy.

We offer individual and group classes, and through our conversation sessions we apply the techniques and procedures appropriate for the best results of our participants.

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