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World Communications services are top notch. In the 2 years that I have been learning English with them, my oral and written language performance has improved markedly thanks to the institution's methodology and the experience of the teachers who know how to identify students' strengths and learning needs. Their services are 100% recommended for professionals who must read content in English or interact with English-speaking executives.
Marcelo Ramos
Director de Comunicación Empresarial y Manejo de Crisis
Apoyo Comunication
It is a satisfactory experience for PETREX to work with World Communications. We have known and started working with them since 2008 and during this time they have been characterized by using a duly individualized and didactic methodology, by much professionalism, interest in our needs, and continuous improvement. As a result, our employees have managed to perform effectively and efficiently in corporate meetings, visits abroad, calls, talks and courses etc., where English is required. Personally, I am very satisfied with the direct support I have had as I took classes with them before taking over the General Management of our operation in Saudi Arabia. Working with World Communications is a pleasure and gives us the security of knowing that the results are widely productive for Petrex. They are a strategic partner that we wish to maintain for the achievement of our organizational objectives.
Chief Executive Officer
It really is a pleasure for us to have worked with World Communications for more than 2 consecutive years and see our employees, many of them occupying key positions in the organization, feel completely satisfied with the learning methodology that they provide us. This close, personalized, didactic methodology, which reflects much professionalism and produces continuous improvement, has allowed our employees to participate in corporate meetings, workshops, talks abroad, committees, among other spaces promoted by Abbott, where English is the main language of information exchange. The tools that they use have allowed the employees to develop self-confidence and give them the security of being able to express their ideas. For us, this adds a lot as an organization as it allows countries, regionally and globally, to see good practices at work in Peru due to the sharing that our leaders do. Abbott is committed to the development of internal talent and to provide the necessary tools to carry out its functions and add value to the company World Communications, without a doubt, is a strategic partner in achieving this goal we have as a company. Thanks for the support and for being a strategic partner in our development!
Yesenia Alzamora
Analista de Gestión de Talento,Recursos Humanos Desarrollo
Abbott EPD - Perú
"We had the experience of working with World Communications for approximately 2 years, during which time they knew how to adapt to our operational needs and provided a quality service to our students in English and Spanish. The graduating groups gained the technical skills that were expected. The highest student number was around 200 students in both Lima and El Alto / Lot X. World Communications furthermore implemented an on-line tool for our staff in Lot 58, and for Lot X, they hired teachers on a 14 on 14 off roster, thus attesting to WC's level of adaptation and flexibility. Unfortunately, due to the change in Corporate Management and Upper Management priorities, we could not continue with the contractual relationship. Complementarily, the administrative support was efficient and duly complied with the terms of the respective Contract, achieving the expected results in the agreed commitments."
Jackeline Lavado Becerra
Analista de Recursos Humanos
We have known World Communications since 2008 and they have always been characterized by their warmth in customer service, providing very personalized attention and adapting to our needs. During this time WC has been able to provide appropriate language teaching to personnel from different cultures (Italian, Hindu, Peruvian, among others). I have previously been in charge of Training and I can attest that both Managers and all kinds of positions have been satisfied with the classes provided by WC. I am currently honing my English with WC because I have just assumed a position of HRO Governance Head, reporting directly to Corporate in Italy. I am satisfied with the classes as the assigned teacher knows English grammar very well, shows mastery of the language and attends effectively to all my doubts and concerns. We will continue to build our relationship with WC as it has met our expectations and has obtained very good results with its advice.
Recursos Humanos y Organización
HRO Governance Head
I have known World Communications since 1999, when I worked at COPRI (currently PROINVERSION) and a group of staff members contacted WC to study English for several years. By virtue of the proven professional quality of World Communications and its professors, in 2012, while I worked as the General Manager of SUNASS, we contracted World Communications for a period of 5 years to teach English to our workers. In addition, on two occasions we hired WC for simultaneous translation in two workshops held in English in our auditorium. The experience was equally extraordinary. More recently, as an independent consultant, last year I decided to hire World Communications again to refresh my English. This experience reinforced my concept of excellence that I have about WC and its teachers. On all three occasions I have been completely satisfied with World Communications and with the quality of the company, teachers and simultaneous translation.
Alberto Rojas Morote
For KMC in Peru, it is a great satisfaction to work with World Communications for almost 7 consecutive years and to see that our employees have improved their English levels with the learning methodology used by World Communications. This very professional, duly individualized methodology focused on continuous improvement, has allowed our employees to participate in corporate meetings and visits abroad, where the use of English is essential in obtaining the results expected by KMC. WC has not only provided us with English teaching services, but they are our simultaneous translators who have achieved great success when international exhibitors from our parent company -Milwaukee, WI- come to Peru and give talks to our technical staff and to our most important clients in Peru. I greatly emphasize the participation of WC in our first technological fair made with the most important mining clients in Peru in November last year. Likewise, WC are our official translators of the documents we use for hiring corporate executives for our Peru staff. Working with WC is a pleasure and a necessary security and satisfaction for us. I recognize not only WC's professional value in teaching and methodology, but also the great human quality of its management team, teaching staff and administrative staff; and the comfort of the facilities in case taking classes at WC's office is required. Likewise, I recognize WC's expertise in building support relationships for their clients. In our case, we have traveled to mines and workshops in Arequipa with consistently brilliant results. We profoundly trust World Communications.
Alvaro Acuña Paz
Human Resources Manager
Komatsu Mining Corp. Group
My experience with World Communications has been very positive. I have been in English classes for two years and I believe that I have achieved a remarkable improvement in my understanding, and oral and written expression. The methodology used is very good, in particular for professionals who must work using the English language. The teachers are of a very good level and adapt to student needs. The service is highly recommended.
Magaly Bardales
Gerente Legal y Relaciones Institucionales
Nexa Resources Perú S.A.A.

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